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Service and Comfort Animals
/ 1.20.22

Service and Comfort Animals

Service animals are welcome on our buses and in our facilities.  Please let the driver know you have a service animal and, if asked, what function the service animal is trained to provide you.  The rules of behavior that apply to you also apply to your service animal, including suspension of service for violating the rules.  Therefore, please keep your service animal under your control.  Service animals are not allowed to occupy a seat or block the aisle.

Comfort animals that are mammals may accompany you if they are in a pet carrier for the entire duration of the trip. The animal may not be removed from the carrier while it is on the bus. The carrier must fit under the seat in front of the passenger, or on the passenger’s lap. The carrier may not be placed on an adjacent seat, nor can it impede the space of an adjacent seat, or the aisle. In order for a carrier to fit underneath the seat, it must not exceed the following dimensions: 16”x14”x10”.

Animals will not be stowed underneath the bus under any circumstances.