Route Delay:
Route 724 on 02/24/2024 is delayed 10 minutes departing from Denver Union Station to Denver Federal Center.

Crested Butte – Denver Fares

Bustang Outrider Bus

Northeast Bound

From/ToStandard FareDiscounted Fare*
Crested Butte/Almont$2.00$1.00
Crested Butte/Gunnison$5.00$2.50
Crested Butte/Monarch Mountain (Dec 15 – Apr 7)$13.00$6.50
Crested Butte/Salida$16.00$8.00
Crested Butte/Buena Vista$21.00$10.50
Crested Butte/Fairplay$31.00$15.50
Crested Butte/Pine Junction$39.00$19.50
Crested Butte/Denver Union Station$45.00$22.50
Almont/Monarch Mountain (Dec 15 – Apr 7)$10.00$5.00
Almont/Buena Vista$18.00$9.00
Almont/Pine Junction$36.00$18.00
Almont/Denver Union Station$42.00$21.00
Gunnison/Monarch Mountain (Dec 15 – Apr 7)$8.00$4.00
Gunnison/Buena Vista$16.00$8.00
Gunnison/Pine Junction$34.00$17.00
Gunnison/Denver Union Station$40.00$20.00
Salida/Buena Vista$5.00$2.50
Salida/Pine Junction$23.00$11.50
Salida/Denver Union Station$29.00$14.50
Buena Vista/Fairplay$10.00$5.00
Buena Vista/Pine Junction$18.00$9.00
Buena Vista/Denver Union Station$24.00$12.00
Fairplay/Pine Junction$8.00$4.00
Fairplay/Denver Union Station$14.00$7.00
Pine Junction/Denver Union Station$6.00$3.00
*Tickets are half price for passengers who are 65 and older, 11 and younger or disabled.

Southwest Bound

From/ToStandard FareDiscounted Fare*
Denver Union Station/Pine Junction$6.00$3.00
Denver Union Station/Fairplay$14.00$7.00
Denver Union Station/Buena Vista$24.00$12.00
Denver Union Station/Salida$29.00$14.50
Denver Union Station/Monarch Mountain (Dec 15 – Apr 7)$32.00$16.00
Denver Union Station/Gunnison$40.00$20.00
Denver Union Station/Almont$42.00$21.00
Denver Union Station/Crested Butte$45.00$22.50
Pine Junction/Fairplay$8.00$4.00
Pine Junction/Buena Vista$18.00$9.00
Pine Junction/Salida$23.00$11.50
Pine Junction/Gunnison$28.00$14.00
Pine Junction/Almont$36.00$18.00
Pine Junction/Crested Butte$39.00$19.50
Fairplay/Buena Vista$10.00$5.00
Fairplay/Crested Butte$31.00$15.50
Buena Vista/Salida$5.00$2.50
Buena Vista/Gunnison$16.00$8.00
Buena Vista/Almont$18.00$9.00
Buena Vista/Crested Butte$21.00$10.50
Salida/Crested Butte$16.00$8.00
Monarch Mountain (Dec 15 – Apr 7)/Gunnison$8.00$4.00
Monarch Mountain (Dec 15 – Apr 7)/Almont$10.00$5.00
Monarch Mountain (Dec 15 – Apr 7)/Crested Butte$13.00$6.50
Gunnison/Crested Butte$5.00$2.50
Almont/Crested Butte$2.00$1.00
*Tickets are half price for passengers who are 65 and older, 11 and younger or disabled.

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