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Bustang News

Schedule Changes Coming Soon!


Schedule changes are coming to the South and West Lines on Sunday December 12. Please call 1-800-900-3011 or follow us on Twitter @RideBustang for more information.


New South Line Schedule

Bus RoutesRoute 501 - DAILYRoute 503 - M-F*Route 505 - M-F*Route 531 - M-F*Route 543 - M-F*Route 533 - DAILY
TEJON/ NEVADA PARK & RIDE4:50 AM5:45 AM6:20 AM10:00 AM2:10 PM4:15 PM
DOWNTOWN TERMINAL5:00 AM5:55 AM6:30 AM10:10 AM2:15 PM4:25 PM
WOODMEN PARK & RIDE5:15 AM6:10 AM6:45 AM10:25 AM2:30 PM4:40 PM
MONUMENT PARK & RIDE5:35 AM6:30 AM7:05 AM10:45 AM2:50 PM5:00 PM
SKYRIDGE STATION6:20 AM7:15 AM7:50 AM11:30 AM3:35 PM5:45 PM
COLORADO STATION - Gate D6:40 AM7:35 AM8:10 AM11:50 AM3:55 PM6:15 PM
LINCOLN & 7TH - DENVER HEALTH6:55 AM7:50 AM8:25 AM12:05 PM4:10 PM6:20 PM
COLFAX & LINCOLN7:00 AM7:55 AM8:30 AM12:10 PM4:15 PM6:25 PM
18TH & CALIFORNIA 7:05 AM8:00 AM8:35 AM12:15 PM4:20 PM6:30 PM
DENVER UNION STATION - Gate B47:15 AM8:10 AM8:45 AM12:25 PM4:30 PM6:40 PM
Bus RoutesRoute 590 - DAILYRoute 532 - M-F*Route 500 - M-F*Route 504 - M-F*Route 506 - M-F*Route 508 - DAILY
DENVER UNION STATION - Gate B47:25 AM11:15 AM3:30 PM4:45 PM5:25 PM7:05 PM
19TH & STOUT7:35 AM11:25 AM3:40 PM4:55 PM5:35 PM7:15 PM
CIVIC CENTER - 14TH/BROADWAY7:45 AM11:35 AM3:50 PM5:05 PM5:45 PM7:25 PM
BROADWAY & SPEER - DENVER HEALTH7:50 AM11:40 AM3:55 PM5:10 PM5:50 PM7:30 PM
COLORADO STATION - Gate E8:05 AM11:55 AM4:15 PM5:30 PM6:05 PM7:45 PM
SKYRIDGE STATION8:25 AM12:15 PM4:30 PM5:45 PM6:25 PM8:05 PM
MONUMENT PARK & RIDE9:10 AM1:00 PM5:15 PM6:30 PM7:10 PM8:50 PM
WOODMEN PARK & RIDE9:25 AM1:15 PM5:30 PM6:45 PM7:25 PM9:05 PM
DOWNTOWN TERMINAL9:40 AM1:30 PM5:45 PM7:00 PM7:40 PM9:20 PM
TEJON/NEVADA PARK & RIDE9:45 AM1:35 PM5:50 PM7:05 PM7:45 PM9:25 PM

New West Line Schedule

Bus RoutesRoute 710 - GJ - DAILYRoute 712 - GJ - DAILYRoute 730 - Vail - DAILYRoute 700 - GWS - DAILY
Denver Union Station (DUS) - Gate B47:00 AM9:45 AM3:00 PM5:40 PM
Lakewood - Denver Federal Center (DFC) RTD Stn. Gate L7:25 AM10:05 AM3:25 PM6:15 PM
Idaho Springs (Shelter at Idaho St. and 13th)8:00 AM10:40 AM4:10 PM6:55 PM
Frisco (Frisco Transfer Center)8:45 AM11:25 AM4:55 PM7:40 PM
Vail (Vail Transportation Center)9:20 AM12:05 PM5:30 PM8:15 PM
Avon Station----------5:45 PM8:30 PM
Eagle (Eby Creek & I-70 ECO Stn.)10:10 AM12:50 PM-----8:55 PM
South Glenwood BRT Station (27th St)---------------(D)
Glenwood Springs [GWS] (West Glenwood Park & Ride)10:55 AM1:35 PM-----9:35 PM
Rifle (RFTA P&R, US 6 & CO 13 )11:25 AM2:05 PM----------
Parachute (Rafting Center I-70 & CO 215)11:45 AM2:25 PM----------
Grand Junction Airport (2828 Walker Field Dr.)12:40 PM3:20 PM----------
St. Mary's (3635 N. 7th St.)(D)(D)----------
VA Medical (2121 North Ave.)(D)(D)----------
GVT Downtown Terminal (South Ave & 5th St)1:20 PM4:00 PM----------

D – Discharge only

Bus RoutesRoute 731 - Vail - DAILYRoute 701 - GWS - DAILYRoute 711 - GJ - DAILYRoute 713 - GJ - DAILY
GVT Downtown Terminal (South Ave & 5th St)----------12:05 PM3:30 PM
VA Medical (2121 North Ave.)----------12:15 PM3:40 PM
St. Mary's (3635 N. 7th St.)----------12:20 PM3:45 PM
Grand Junction Airport (2828 Walker Field Dr.)----------12:35 PM4:00 PM
Parachute (Rafting Center I-70 & CO 215)----------1:30 PM4:55 PM
Rifle (RFTA P& R, US 6 & CO 13)----------1:50 PM5:15 PM
Glenwood Springs [GWS] (West Glenwood Park & Ride)-----7:25 AM2:25 PM5:50 PM
Eagle (Eby Creek & I-70 ECO Stn.)-----8:05 AM3:05 PM6:30 PM
Avon Station6:10 AM8:20 AM----------
Vail (Vail Transportation Center)6:30 AM8:40 AM3:45 PM7:10 PM
Frisco (Frisco Transfer Center)7:10 AM9:20 AM4:25 PM7:45 PM
Idaho Springs (Shelter at Idaho St. and 13th)8:05 AM10:15 AM5:15 PM8:35 PM
Lakewood - Denver Federal Center (DFC) RTD Stn.8:45 AM10:55 AM5:50 PM9:05 PM
Denver Union Station (DUS)9:05 AM11:15 AM6:20 PM9:30 PM