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Take Bustang Pegasus from Denver Union Station to Avon

The Pegasus shuttle van lives up to its name, whisking weekenders up and down I-70. Pegasus offers service Thursday through Monday from Denver’s Union Station, with stops at the Lakewood-Denver Federal Center, Idaho Springs, Frisco, Vail, and Avon that connect users to local transit. Built for speed, comfort, and convenience, all Pegasus shuttles are climate controlled and equipped with USB ports, outlets, and WiFi. Pegasus is fast, affordable, sustainable and convenient, allowing for flexible travel. Hop on our mythical mountain mare and see what sets us ahead of the stampede.

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Paid reservations required.

Westbound Schedule

Run#Mon-ThuFri-SunDenver Union Station - Wewatta PavilionFederal Center StationIdaho SpringsFriscoVailAvon
7702xx6:00 AM6:25 AMOC*7:35 AM8:10 AM8:30 AM
7704x8:00 AM8:25 AMOC9:35 AM10:10 AM10:30 AM
7706x9:00 AM9:25 AMOC10:35 AM11:10 AM11:30 AM
7708xx11:00 AM11:25 AMOC12:35 PM1:10 PM1:30 PM
7710x12:00 PM12:25 PMOC1:35 PM2:10 PM2:30 PM
7712xx1:00 PM1:25 PMOC2:35 PM3:10 PM3:30 PM
7714x3:00 PM3:25 PMOC4:35 PM5:10 PM5:30 PM
7716x4:00 PM4:25 PMOC5:35 PM6:10 PM6:30 PM
7718xx5:00 PM5:25 PMOC6:35 PM7:10 PM7:30 PM
7720x7:00 PM7:25 PMOC8:35 PM9:10 PM9:30 PM
7722xx8:00 PM8:25 PMOC9:35 PM10:10 PM10:30 PM
7724x9:00 PM9:25 PMOC10:35 PM11:10 PM11:30 PM

OC = Van stops only for pre-arranged reservation

Eastbound Schedule

Run#Mon-ThuFri-SunAvonVailFriscoIdaho SpringsFederal Center StationDenver Union Station - Wewatta Pavilion
7701xx5:00 AM5:20 AM6:00 AMOC7:10 AM7:35 AM
7703x7:00 AM7:20 AM8:00 AMOC9:10 AM9:35 AM
7705xx9:00 AM9:20 AM10:00 AMOC11:10 AM11:35 AM
7707x10:00 AM10:20 AM11:00 AMOC12:10 PM12:35 PM
7709x11:00 AM11:20 AM12:00 PMOC1:10 PM1:35 PM
7711x1:00 PM1:20 PM2:00 PMOC3:10 PM3:35 PM
7713xx2:00 PM2:20 PM3:00 PMOC4:10 PM4:35 PM
7715x3:00 PM3:20 PM4:00 PMOC5:10 PM5:35 PM
7717xx5:00 PM5:20 PM6:00 PMOC7:10 PM7:35 PM
7719x6:00 PM6:20 PM7:00 PMOC8:10 PM8:35 PM
7721xx8:00 PM8:20 PM9:00 PMOC10:10 PM10:35 PM
7723x9:00 PM9:20 PM10:00 PMOC11:10 PM11:35 PM

OC = Van stops only for pre-arranged reservation


StopIdaho SpringsFriscoVailAvon
Denver Union Station - Wewatta Pavilion$6$13$20$20
Federal Center Station$6$13$20$20
Idaho Springs$8$13$13

Discounted rates for senior/disabled and children 2-11 available.

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