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Crested Butte to Denver Fares

Bustang Outrider Crested Butte to Denver Fares

* See below for fare rules and regulations

ALL Tickets 50% OFF July 1-September 5!

East Bound

Crested Butte/Almont$2.00
Crested Butte/Gunnison$5.00
Crested Butte/Monarch Mountain (Dec 15 - Apr 7)$13.00
Crested Butte/Salida$16.00
Crested Butte/Buena Vista$21.00
Crested Butte/Fairplay$31.00
Crested Butte/Pine Junction$39.00
Crested Butte/Denver Union Station$45.00
Almont/Monarch Mountain (Dec 15 - Apr 7)$10.00
Almont/Buena Vista$18.00
Almont/Pine Junction$36.00
Almont/Denver Union Station$42.00
Gunnison/Monarch Mountain (Dec 15 - Apr 7)$8.00
Gunnison/Buena Vista$16.00
Gunnison/Pine Junction$34.00
Gunnison/Denver Union Station$40.00
Gunnison/Denver Bus Center$40.00
Salida/Buena Vista$5.00
Salida/Pine Junction$23.00
Salida/Denver Union Station$29.00
Salida/Denver Bus Center$29.00
Buena Vista/Fairplay$10.00
Buena Vista/Pine Junction$18.00
Buena Vista/Denver Union Station$24.00
Buena Vista/Denver Bus Center$24.00
Fairplay/Pine Junction$8.00
Fairplay/Denver Union Station$14.00
Fairplay/Denver Bus Center$14.00
Pine Junction/Denver Union Station$6.00
Pine Junction/Denver Bus Center$6.00
Denver Union Station/Denver Bus Center$1.00

West Bound

Denver Bus Center/Denver Union Station$1.00
Denver Bus Center/Pine Junction$6.00
Denver Bus Center/Fairplay$14.00
Denver Bus Center/Buena Vista$24.00
Denver Bus Center/Salida$29.00
Denver Bus Center/Monarch Mountain (Dec 15 - Apr 7)$32.00
Denver Bus Center/Gunnison$40.00
Denver Bus Center/Almont$42.00
Denver Bus Center/Crested Butte$45.00
Denver Union Station/Pine Junction$6.00
Denver Union Station/Fairplay$14.00
Denver Union Station/Buena Vista$24.00
Denver Union Station/Salida$29.00
Denver Union Station/Monarch Mountain (Dec 15 - Apr 7)$32.00
Denver Union Station/Gunnison$40.00
Denver Union Station/Almont$42.00
Denver Union Station/Crested Butte$45.00
Pine Junction/Fairplay$8.00
Pine Junction/Buena Vista$18.00
Pine Junction/Salida$23.00
Pine Junction/Gunnison$34.00
Pine Junction/Almont$36.00
Pine Junction/Almont$36.00
Pine Junction/Crested Butte$39.00
Pine Junction/Crested Butte$39.00
Fairplay/Buena Vista$10.00
Fairplay/Crested Butte$31.00
Buena Vista/Salida$5.00
Buena Vista/Gunnison$16.00
Buena Vista/Almont$18.00
Buena Vista/Crested Butte$21.00
Salida/Crested Butte$16.00
Monarch Mountain (Dec 15 - Apr 7)/Almont$10.00
Monarch Mountain (Dec 15 - Apr 7)/Crested Butte$13.00
Gunnison/Crested Butte$5.00
Almont/Crested Butte$2.00

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